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I have been loving showing and breeding the american eskimo dog since 1990. We only raise the standard American Eskimo Dogs.  They range in size from 15 inches at the shoulder to 18 inches.  Weight is from 23 pounds to 42 pounds.  

Happy, Healthy Bloodline


All of our adult dogs have the genetic test necessary to produce happy healthy puppies. Please see the adults page to see copies of test.

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Tessa has been raising, training and loving the American Eskimo dog since February 1990. Tessa started in 1990 with Miniature American Eskimo dogs. Traveling to UKC and AKC shows for a few years, she took an extended leave after PRA was discovered in her line. She spayed and neutered all the dogs and placed them in loving homes with the exception of Melody and Bear.

In 2002, Tessa met David and he fell in love with the awesome American Eskimo breed, as much as Tessa had. 

Tragically, in 2004 while Tessa was away tending to her ailing parents affairs, Melody was struck and killed by a car when she escaped from the new home fence. After this significant loss, Tessa reconnected with Mary Ellen Eichenberger, who kept an active AWD kennel located in Salem area, through this reconnection Tessa discovered there was new testing available for the PRA gene. Mary Ellen approached Tessa with the offer of a standard female puppy. And, there is the beginning…Catherine, Tessa’s first standard size American Eskimo dog, acquired February 2005. 

Tessa would not be where she is today, a reputable breeder with an excellent lineage, without Mary Ellen’s help and encouragement. Mary Ellen has since retired from showing and breeding but still remains a vital source of support for Tessa and David. 

Currently, Tessa and David have beautiful standard American Eskimo dogs. Their limited schedule excludes them from showing but they remain focused on temperament and genetics. Puppies are born in the home are exposed to life experiences and a multitude of touch and love, every day. 

Happy, Healthy Bloodline 

All of our dogs receive extensive genetic testing necessary to produce happy, healthy puppies. Please see the Adults page to view copies of the testing. 


Tessa has been loving, showing and breeding the American Eskimo dog since 1990. Her reputation in the American Eskimo community is exemplary. She is known for producing high quality and excellent temperament canines. Her wait- list fills up quickly. If you are interested in becoming an owner, please fill out an application as soon as possible to be placed on the list. 

Reserving Puppies or retired adults

There is currently a waitlist for Tessa and David’s litters. Puppies are not available on demand. On rare occasions, a puppy that has been reserved might become available at he last minute due to a change in plans by the adopting family. If you would like to adopt immediately, please consider the dogs available on the Adult list. 

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Reserving Puppies or retired adults

There is almost always a wait list for current of future litters.  The waiting time allows adoptive families to patiently wait for their special puppy to arrive.  This means that puppies are rarely available on demand and there is always a waiting period.   On rare occasions, a puppy that has been reserved might become available at the last minute due to last minute change in plans. Sometimes there will be an available older puppy or adult dog.  Please send an email to inquire. 

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